Laval wins the jury’s prize for the best water in Quebec and renews its 5 stars

On the occasion of the 2023 Programs of Excellence Day organized by Réseau Environnement, the City of Laval was rewarded twice for the exceptional quality of its drinking water.

From left to right: Martin Laneuville, CEO of Réseau Environnement, Geneviève Pigeon, President of Réseau Environnement, Christine Poirier, municipal councillor of Duvernay–Pont-Viau, Carl McKenty, supervisor of the Pont-Viau water station, and Sylvain Côté, operator of the Pont-Viau water station. (Photo: Réseau Environnement)

Laval won the 2023 Jury’s Choice Award at the Quebec Best Water Competition, in addition to renewing its 5-star certification from the Program of Excellence in Drinking Water – Treatment (PEXEP-T) for its 3 drinking water plants.

“We are proud of these prestigious awards. The daily work and efforts of our staff, day and night, allow us to maintain the highest standards in the production of drinking water. Laval will continue to improve and refine its ways of doing things to maintain exceptional water quality for its population”, said Said Christine Poirier, member of the Executive Committee and municipal councillor for Duvernay–Pont-Viau.

As part of the 10th edition of the Best Water in Quebec Competition, a 5-person jury evaluated water samples from 13 Quebec drinking water stations during blind tastings based on taste, clarity and odour criteria. The jury could count on the knowledge of Jérémie d’Hauteville, co-founder of the competition and oenologist (specialist in the study of wines).

The Pont-Viau plant in Laval, elected by the jury, will represent Québec across North America in the Best of the Best Water Taste Test, organized annually by the American Water Works Association (AWWA).

5-Star Certificate

The 5-star certification of Réseau Environnement’s Program of Excellence in Drinking Water – Treatment (PEXEP-T) attests that the 3 Laval drinking water treatment plants produced water of superior quality to the standards in effect throughout 2022. The Sainte-Rose municipal treatment plant has received this distinction for the 12th consecutive year, the Pont-Viau station has been recognized for the 11th year in a row, and the Chomedey station has received this distinction for the 5th time. To be part of this program of excellence, a city must commit to exceeding standards, aiming for the highest standards, and continuously improving.

Laval was among the first three municipalities to join this program, and it is now part of five programs of excellence in water management, which is a testament to its commitment to the highest standards to offer the best to its citizens. In addition to the two awards, Mario Gagné, Head of the Wastewater Sanitation Division at the City of Laval, was honoured for his exceptional contribution to Réseau Environnement.