Laval Police seize more than $1.5 million worth of unauthorized cannabis

The Laval Police announced this week that three drug raids they conducted on Oct. 3 led to the arrest of three suspects believed to be connected to the unauthorized distribution of marijuana.

According to the LPD, an investigation that began last January based on a citizen’s tip led organized crime investigators to an address in Fabreville.

In addition to the Fabreville location, the trail also led to addresses in Boisbriand on the North Shore and Saint-Adèle in the Laurentians.

The investigators found that three suspects who were arrested and later released, with pre-court arraignment conditions to be followed, had a valid license from Health Canada for cannabis production.

However, they were diverting some or all of their product for distribution and use beyond the strictures of the law and the conditions of their license.

What the LPD seized:
  • 1,453 cannabis plants valued at $1,453,000;
  • 1,565.78 grams of dried cannabis worth $15,657;
  • 1,532.99 grams of solid concentrated cannabis worth $30,659;
  • 1,804.56 grams of cannabis residue worth $9,022;
  • 2.75 grams of psilocybin worth $27.50;
  • Equipment for processing cannnabis worth $170,000;
  • One jackknife;
  • One Glock-type air pistol;
  • 4 cell phones worth $4,000;
  • Cash Canadian, amounting to $36,575.