Laval Police bust stunt drivers in rally at A-13 mall parking lot

The Laval Police handed out dozens of tickets last Saturday night after hundreds of drivers, many in souped-up cars, showed up like a “flash mob” in the parking lot outside the Wal-Mart at the Smart Centre on Autoroute 13 for an impromptu rally apparently organized through social media.

According to one report, as many as a thousand drivers answered the call around 8 pm, and revved their engines, performed risky stunts and even set off fireworks, before the arrival of up to 50 LPD officers who created a roadblock to stop them from leaving.

The tickets were for a range of offenses that included breaking COVID-19 rules, since Laval is currently subject to the conditions in a maximum restriction Red Zone (such as the size of gatherings).

Tickets were also given out to drivers with cars that had undergone illegal modifications, as well as to some who performed stunts judged by the police to be “dangerous driving.”