City of Laval marks National Organ Donation Week

Demers encourages residents to sign donation consent forms

City of Laval marks National Organ Donation Week
From the left, Louis Beaulieu, director of Transplant Québec and Laval mayor Marc Demers hoist the Transplant Québec flag, marking National Organ Donation Week.

(TLN) During National Organ Donation Week, the City of Laval decided to show its support for Transplant Québec by flying the green ribbon flag, a symbol of the transplant movement across North America.

Laval is joining an awareness-raising movement in which hundreds of other towns and cities are also participating.

“The more there are of us talking about this, the more we will be increasing the chances of improving or saving lives, because organ donation is a gift of life,” said Mayor Marc Demers. “We are inviting all Laval residents to actively reflect on the importance of organ donation, but mostly to speak about it with those close to them.”

Ways to consent

There are three ways for individuals to give their consent for donation of organs or tissue: Sign a consent form provided by the Quebec Health Insurance Board (RAMQ); Sign a sticker provided by the RAMQ and place it on your health insurance card; Sign a consent agreement for organ and tissue donation with the Chambre des notaires du Québec.

In 2018, 497 persons benefited from transplantations in Quebec thanks to tissue or organ donations made by 164 donors. Out of this number, two donors from Laval made it possible for four persons to have transplants. As of Dec. 31 last year, 805 persons were waiting for organ donations in Quebec, of which 51 were in Laval.