Laval man charged in Gatineau with alleged identity theft

A 31-year-old man from Laval is one of two suspects were were arrested on Jan. 25 in conjunction with a series of identity thefts committed in Quebec and Ontario, costing nearly 30 victims several hundred thousand dollars.

Following months of investigation, police officers from Laval, Montreal, Gatineau, the Outaouais region and with the Sûreté du Québec took part in two searches in Laval and Montreal at around 5 a.m. Wednesday.

Ahmad Mroue of Laval faces charges in Gatineau of theft over $5,000, fraud over $5,000, identity fraud, drug possession for the purpose of trafficking and failure to comply with an ordinance. 

Also arrested was a 29-year-old woman from Montreal. The alleged identity thefts were first reported in August 2022 and other incidents were reported up until this past Jan. 18.

Up to 15 thefts in Gatineau alone were found to be linked to an identical modus operandi.

Further investigation connected the evidence to almost 20 additional files in Ontario and Quebec with similar circumstances.

According to police, the female suspect would park outside fitness centres, while the male suspect went in to steal wallets, cellphones, jewellery and car keys from lockers.

After the items were stolen, the police allege, the suspects would call financial institutions and talk client service representatives into changing the PINs for the stolen bank and credit cards.

The two suspects would then withdraw money from ATMs or make purchases.