City of Laval relaunches electrified mobility subsidies

$2,000 offered for electric car purchase, $400 for electric bike

(TLN) Laval residents will once again be able to benefit from a financial assistance program offered by their city for the purchase of an all-electric car or an electric bicycle.

“The fight against climate change is a real preoccupation for our administration which remains concerned that good programs for the reduction of greenhouse gas are in place on our territory,” says Mayor Marc Demers. “The keen interest by Laval residents in our subsidy programs is undeniable.”

Electric cars and bikes

In 2018, 300 citizens benefited from the financial push offered for the purchase of a 100 per cent electric vehicle, while 260 Laval residents took advantage of the financial aid for the purchase of an electric bike. “It should be noted that our initial goals have been met,” added Demers, “since we needed to grant a budget extension to favourably answer the demands from everyone.”

According to the mayor, the amount of the subsidy will remain at $2,000. The program will be ending on March 31 this year. For electric bicycles, the subsidy will be $400 and the program for this will be ending on Dec. 31 this year.