Laval councillors face off with students for school perseverance

A fourth year for the ‘Classique des élus’ hockey tournament


Classique des élus
Ready for the face-off.

On Sunday Feb. 11, the City of Laval’s elected officials played exhibition hockey matches against students from the Souvenir and Horizon-Jeunesse schools, with Mayor Marc Demers, as well as Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board chairwoman Jennifer Maccarone and Commission scolaire de Laval president Louise Lortie.

“By getting involved in this cause, the city wants to contribute to the development of a feeling of collective responsibility with regards to school perseverance and the importance of pursuing those efforts in order to encourage educational success among Laval’s young people,” said Demers who did the honours dropping the first puck on the ice.

Classique des élus
The team from Souvenir Elementary School, along with members of the team from the City of Laval, played a hockey match for school perseverance on Sunday Feb. 11.

Showing support

“This is also a symbolic way to show children and adolescents that their elected representatives are present and that they can on them for support, as well as from the community and their families, to develop their full potential,” added deputy mayor David De Cotis, who has been organizing the event for the past four years.

Laval’s elected officials were put to the test during the two matches, which saw them play against grade five and six students from Souvenir Elementary, who beat the Laval officials by a score of 3 – 1. The second match saw the team from the city play against the Faucons, made up of secondary five students from the CSDL’s École Horizon-Jeunesse. This game proved more exciting and ended with a shootout and a score of 3 – 2 for the Faucons.