Laval City Watch March 2018

Laval City Hall

Support for seniors

With the adoption of the 2018 budget city council voted for a 50% increase in the home support program for seniors aged 65 and over. This announced increase in budget will have immediate effect as it is to be implemented in the year 2018. Regulation L-12573 modified by the members of the executive committee amends by-law L-12221 to reflect this increase.

When the new by-law is adopted by city council Laval’s subsidy program for seniors will increase from $ 100 to $ 150 per year per eligible person aged 65 or over acting as a tenant, owner or occupant. It will also increase from $ 200 to $ 300 per year when the eligible person receives the Guaranteed Income Supplement from the Government of Canada under the Old Age Security Act (RSC, 1995, cO-9).


Second MADA Action Plan

The city of Laval which has been recognized since 2014 as a municipality that is friendly to seniors and gained the (MADA) accreditation has tabled and adopted its report on the achievements of the municipal MADA Action Plan for 2014-2017. This activity was related to the measures taken to achieve this certification.

The report which will be transmitted to Quebec’s Ministry of Family will also be made public. Also, the summaries of briefings, consultations and the modes of communication employed to achieve this end will be released. The members of the executive committee also authorized the submission of an application for financial assistance of $ 80,000 to Laval’s Seniors Secretariat (Secrétariat des aînés) to support the development of the second action plan MADA (2018-2020). The MADA Partners Committee will be given the mandate to act as the steering committee for the development of this action plan.

Initiated in Quebec by the Department of Family and Seniors, the MADA (Municipalité amie des aînés) program recognizes municipalities that adapt their services and structures to the needs of seniors.

Local Investment Fund

The Executive Committee approved the recommendations of the Investment Committee of the Local Investment Fund (FLI) and authorized the payment of a loan of $ 70,000 to consolidate the start-up of La Boîte maraîchère (The Vegetable Box). The mission of this company is to produce organic fresh quality produce without pesticides or GMO which can be sold in local food markets twelve months a year. To achieve all year-round production the company has designed a system of intensive agricultural production in containers.

Through the Local Investment Fund (FLI) the City of Laval stimulates the growth of local entrepreneurship, to develop promising economic sectors and emerging markets by providing access to capital for the start-up or growth phase of new businesses.


Assessment of the development plan of the agricultural zone

The members of the executive committee tabled the annual report for the Development Plan of the Agricultural Zone committee (PDZA) for the period ending on December 31st 2017 and the action plans of the Laval Agri-Food Development Committee Table (TDAL) for 2018. Activities proposed for 2018 highlight five major orientations and nine priority projects and also include the proposed actions agreed to by the six committees of TDAL, which has a total of 42 members.

Laval is one of the few cities in Quebec where urban life is close to a permanent agricultural zone, which occupies 30% of its territory, or 7,000 hectares. This area is farmed by no less than 121 operations in addition to a network of 53 farm kiosks. Annual revenues of $ 60 million are derived from the sale of local products. Agriculture is a major component of Laval’s economic vitality and is integrated with urban activity in the same way as trade and industry.

On June 13th 2016 Laval unveiled its Agricultural Zone Development Plan (PDZA) to enhance the agricultural area of Laval by promoting the sustainable development of agricultural activities. The work surrounding the PDZA made it possible to draw up a strategic diagnosis of the agricultural sector in Laval and to identify the orientations and the priority projects for the next 5 years.

Jeux du Québec Laval in 2020 looking for a volunteer to represent Laval on its board of directors

The City of Laval, through its Governance Secretariat, is looking for a person to act as an administrator of the board of directors the 2020 Quebec Games as a representative of the community. The chosen candidate will sit on the Organizing Committee of the Final of the Jeux du Québec. This non-profit organization is responsible for organizing the event.

In addition to duties as an administrator the successful candidate will be responsible for volunteerism and be the acting community spokesperson. Responsibilities include overseeing training, supporting the management in the recruitment process, mobilization and recognition of volunteers. This is a 3-year term.


Full details of this position are available on the Laval website Governance Secretariat page

Those wishing to apply must send their curriculum vitae and cover letter before March 16, 2018 by email.