Laval City Hall Watch – February 2017

Laval City Hall Watch - February 22 2017

Laval City Hall Watch February 22 2017

Grant to Éco-Nature for 2017 operations

The City of Laval and the not for profit Éco-Nature organization have been working together for several years to make the Rivière des Mille-Îles and its riverside islands and banks accessible to all citizens. Their efforts have resulted in programing and activities that allow residents and visitors to enjoy this natural habitat all year round. In order to continue this collaboration, the members of the Executive Committee awarded a grant of $ 347,800 to the organization for the animation, program development and operation of the Rivière-des-Mille-Îles Park in 2017. According to municipal authorities this funding will support the existing programs and activities provided at this park.

During the summer months there is a permanent an exhibition and interpretation center which highlights the flora and fauna in this wildlife refuge. Visitors can discover the diverse richness of this riverside green space through guided or self-guided tours. There are numerous hiking trails of various distances that traverse the park and its islands. For the more adventurous boat rentals are available allowing for river cruising as well as fishing.

Winter activities which are presently offered include shore ice paths for skating as well as trails for cross-country skiing. There are numerous slides as well as winter hiking and walking trails.

Most recently this park was in the news for a Quebec first.  The city, Eco nature and construction contractor collaborated to assist an endangered bird species which lives at the park.  An old building in ruins on Île aux Fraises served as a habitat and nesting ground for a group of Chimney Swift birds. As their name implies these feathered inhabitants nest in chimneys. The contractor Rocart Construction benefited by the expertise of wild life specialists Regroupement QuébecOiseaux and Maçonnerie JB to renovate and restore several chimneys so that they could serve as shelters for these birds.


Citizen Satisfaction Measurement Program

The administration embarked an ambitious consultation process enlisting the opinions of Laval residents in order to develop a strategic vision and plan of action for the next twenty years of services and infrastructure development. This vision 2035 was endorsed by city council at the end of 2015. In order to ensure that the services and projects foreseen in this plan of action are relevant and appreciated city officials want to implement a citizen satisfaction measurement (CSM) program. This will allow for the evaluation of existing municipal services and of all future initiatives and will help municipal authorities identify areas which require renewed focus in order to improve the services and facilities offered to residents.

The CSM will guide the actions of the City with regards to its citizens’ satisfaction over time. This effort to measure citizen satisfaction will be supplemented by specific efforts and measures such as surveys to assess the performance of call center service 311, assessment roll service, and preventive fire inspections. In order to implement this program, the Communications and Marketing Service of Laval wishes to hire a marketing research firm with relevant and specific experience in the definition, implementation and execution of a program to measure citizen satisfaction.

The Executive Committee therefore has forwarded a recommendation for city council approval to provide its service a budget of $ 400,000 over a period of four years. In order to open the market and obtain the best value for money subcontracting was permitted and no eligibility requirements were drafted as part of the offer of service.


Professional mandate given to WSP Canada

Members of the Executive Committee awarded a professional mandate to WSP Canada for the preliminary study, design as well as plans and specifications and technical services required for the rehabilitation of three bridges. A sum of $147,015 before taxes was awarded. The bridges covered in this directive are located on Marcel-Villeneuve Avenue, Boulevard des Laurentides and on the rue de la Plage-des-îles.

The study phase includes the preparation of a preliminary and conceptual study, preliminary and final plans and specifications and tender documents as well as obtaining the required permits and certificates as required by all levels of government. In Canada, WSP is one of the largest professional services firms with approximately 8,700 employees, mainly engineers, technicians, scientists, environmental experts and architects, based in all Canadian provinces.


Helping Victims of Domestic Violence

The members of the Executive Committee approved the agreement to intervene between the City of Laval, Compensation for victims of crime (IVAC), Laval Crime Victim Assistance Center (CAVAC), Maison de Lina , Le Prélude and Maison l’Esther concerning the ISA protocol. This protocol allows women who are victims of spousal violence to benefit from the installation of an alarm system and a panic button connected to a surveillance center free of charge, in order to increase their physical security and sense of safety. The agreement allows expedited processing of claims made to the IVAC for this purpose. In the event of an emergency, 911 agents may also prioritize the call and transmit the relevant information to the police.


Competition equipment for the Saint-Vincent pool

The City of Laval will shortly submit a public call for tenders to acquire aquatic competition equipment for the Saint-Vincent pool in order to equip the location so that it will have the necessary infrastructure required to host federated swimming competitions at the provincial level.


$ 50,000 Grant for Community Housing

The Executive Committee has awarded a $ 50,000 grant to the Aviron Community Housing group. The non-profit organization’s mission is to prevent homelessness and the social exclusion of people in residential, economic and social instability by providing emergency shelter and supportive housing.

Since the spring of 2011 this association offers both men and women facing hardships services aimed to facilitate their social reintegration. Housing and a sense of permanence are vital elements in regaining ones independence.

Housing facilities include emergency rooms which are available for one night to meet temporary needs. Individuals have to call every day to determine room availability as there are no reservations. Users must leave the next day at noon. The accommodations and food are provided free of charge.

There are five short stay emergency rooms which can be allotted for a period lasting from one to twenty-one days. The rooms are for an individual. The duration of the stay is determined according to each individual’s circumstances. Occupants must be 18 years old and be willing to accept hygienic protocols and service such as therapy or detoxification if the need is evident. Temporary shelter is provided to individuals willing to meet with a social worker once a day and develop and follow a recommended course of rehabilitation.

The center also provides low cost transitional housing as six single rooms are equipped with a bathroom and fridge. The stay can be up to six months. There is a $ 185 fee and users have to buy food and prepare it in the common kitchen.


Grant to the Alzheimer Society of Laval

Financial assistance of $ 5,000 was awarded to the Alzheimer Society of Laval for the organization of its annual ball, which took place on February 10, 2017. This is part of the city of Laval’s effort to help nonprofit corporations and associations to fund raise.


Disaster Accommodation

As part of its Civil Protection Plan to better coordinate the roles, resources and actions of partner organizations, municipal departments and emergency agencies when facing adverse situations the city has signed protocols to define and establish the sharing of responsibilities among them in the event of a disaster. An agreement between the City of Laval and the Learning Center Tremplin was endorsed by the members of the Executive Committee. This agreement will, among other things, confirm the use by the City of their physical facilities for the purpose of an emergency shelter and temporary housing in the event of a disaster.