Laval city council multipartisan committee tables report on urban violence

Recommendations include more sports for youth and cleaning up graffiti

Mayor Stéphane Boyer.

Members of Laval city council who sit on a multipartisan committee on urban violence tabled a report in June, in which they suggested proposed solutions, as suggested by experts and community groups, to growing street violence in Laval.

The committee, which had been working on the problem since July last year, came up with a number of recommendations, which include:

  • Encourage the practice of sports by teens and young adults;
  • Increase spending on the city’s recreational facilities, including parks and public spaces;
  • Evaluate and provide support for programs affecting youths;
  • Improve relations between police and the citizenry;
  • Take more means to deal with graffiti in Laval;
  • Improve communications with parents;
  • Hold a summit in 2023 bringing together all stakeholders;
  • Provide recurring financial support to stakeholding organizations;
  • Organize a special project with youths in a targeted area of Laval.

Positive step forward

“I am convinced that it is by prevention that we will truly be able to stem urban violence,” said Mayor Stéphane Boyer. “What’s more, the ideas in this report are based on facts and testimony from numerous experts, while being adapted to the reality in Laval. It is therefore only up to us to translate these great ideas into actions. I am proud to represent a city council which acts in such a constructive manner to the benefit of the community.”

Action Laval city councillor for Val des Arbres Archie Cifelli.

Over the past year, the members of the commission worked together and in conjunction with affiliated organizations, specialists, academics and the Laval Police Dept. to create an accurate picture of the situation and to encourage better practices,” said city councillor Sandra Desmeules, who presides the commission and who is responsible for public security on the executive-committee. “This bipartisan work shows political process at its best for the well-being of the community.”

In search of solutions

“I am certain that the recommendations of the commission, which was created following a proposal by my colleague Aglaia Revelakis, will allow efficient solutions to be put into place in order to answer to the problem of violence in our streets, not only in the short term, but also for years to come,” said Action Laval city councillor for Val-des-Arbres Achille Cifelli.

“With the report now tabled, I am anxious to see the implementation of the recommendations,” said Parti Laval city councillor Louise Lortie. “The proposed actions must lead to results on the ground while also leading towards reduced violence in Laval. The commission’s work has led to a better understanding of the problem’s dynamics while suggesting solutions, although the most important work remains to be done.”