Laval annual hockey classic 2017

Hockey matches played for the cause of scholarly perseverance


Laval’s elected reps take on SWLSB and CSDL students

Following friendly soccer and softball matches during the summer of 2016, the City of Laval’s elected officials once again took up the challenge on Jan. 28 of playing hockey against students assisted by officials from Laval’s two school boards. It was all to encourage scholastic perseverance.

Students vs. officials

In an initial match played at Émile Park in Laval-des-Rapides, the city team took on youths from École Georges-Vanier of the CSDL. Afterwards, students from Laval Junior Academy of the SWLSB played against the city. The first game ended with a score of 7-6 in favor of the Georges-Vanier Gladiateurs, while the second ended with an 8-7 score favouring the Laval Junior Academy Vipers.

Organized by Laval executive-committee vice-president David De Cotis, it was the third annual edition of the elected officials’ hockey classic. “Being with these youths year after year, the elected officials feel more committed towards scholastic perseverance,” said De Cotis who responsibilities on city council include sports and leisure for the city.

City of Laval for this annual hockey classic participants
City of Laval annual hockey classic

Proud to take part

“The SWLSB is proud to associate itself with the elected officials of the City of Laval for this annual hockey classic,” said SWLSB chairwoman Jennifer Maccarone. “Scholarly perseverance often involves physical activities and healthy living habits. It is always an immense pleasure to work with the city and our youth. Congratulations to our young people from Laval Junior Academy.”

CSDL president Louise Lortie also saw the annual encounter as an opportunity to get together with Laval’s elected representatives as well as the students. “Encouraging encounters with elected officials allows for a greater understanding of democracy to be developed and to comprehend the role of the officials in the community,” she said.

Encouraging perseverance

“This encourages scholastic perseverance, while contributing to the growth of a desire to become involved and to act as a committed citizen in society,” she continued. “This is also the role of education. Thanks to all for taking part.”

As part of the three sports classics (softball, soccer and hockey) played each year, the City of Laval donates a total of $6,000 to the two school commissions. The CSDL receives $4,500, while the SWLSB receives $1,500. Both school commissions use the sums to promote scholarly perseverance.