Laval Action Table for Entrepreneurialism awards bursaries

Four entrepreneurial Laval businesses recognized for their determination

Laval Action Table for Entrepreneurialism awards bursaries
Laval Action Table for Entrepreneurialism’s four bursary winners are seen here with organizers, supporters and sponsors during a presentation ceremony held on March 21.
Martin C. Barry

The Laval Action Table for Entrepreneurialism announced the four winners of its honorary bursaries on March 21, awarded by the Government of Quebec.

In addition to the recognition, the winners also were awarded strategic support and mentoring from Réseau M, with additional assistance provided the Fondation de l’entrepreneurship, as well as automatic participation in StartupFest sponsored by Laval innov.

Honorary bursaries

In order to complement a traditional offer of financing and to stimulate entrepreneurship in Quebec, the Quebec Ministry of the Economy and Innovation offered the honorary bursaries, worth $25,000 each, to entrepreneurs 18 to 35 years old who are working on projects involving the creation of a new business, or the development of a business that has been active for less than five years.

In addition to being a motivator for entrepreneurs to solidify their ideas for businesses or help with their development, the bursaries aim to acknowledge the entrepreneurial spirit and the qualities that go with it, including boldness, determination and innovative spirit.

Four Laval finalists

From this year’s contestants in Laval, four finalists were selected by a jury composed of members of the Laval Action Table for Entrepreneurialism. Each finalist will be receiving a $25,000 bursary, one year of personalized accompaniment by Réseau M and a ticket to participate in Startupfest 2019.

The four finalists are: Myriam Tellier of Planette produits écologiques inc.; Mathieu Benoit of Mathben informatique; Patrick Vigeant of Boursify; and Vyckie Vaillancourt of O’Citrus.

About the finalists

Planette produits écologiques inc. specializes in the manufacture and distribution of natural and ecologically-responsible household cleaning products. Mathben informatique offers expert services in software development as well as support for the development of virtual reality games.

Boursify has developed a software program that simulates stock and investment market strategies, while also offering software support to high-schools, CEGEPs and universities. O’Citrus is specialized in the greenhouse production of fine citrus, including yuzu, Buddha’s hand, caviar lime, kaffir lime, sudachi, finger lime, calamondin, kumquat and pomelo.