Hockey Laval Single letter finals

The five Laval hockey clubs ended their regular season with the 7th edition of the Scotiabank Cup , this single letters competition  was held from  April 1st to the 3rd  at  the Guimond Sports Complex.

On April 1st, before the games, various awards were given out:
.Olivier Gervais was the recipient of the Pierre Desroches trophy for male athlete of the year.
.Lia Roussiaanos, the Serge Roussin Trophy winner for the female athlete of the year.
.Sylvie Bélanger winner of the Yvon Chartrand Trophy delivered to the Volunteer of the Year.
.Marc-Antoine Beaulieu recipient of the Michel Richer Trophy presented to the Laval referee of year.
.And finally, the Association L’Express de Laval winners of the Laurent Boulanger Trophy given to the association that has most distinguished itself during the last season. “We are very proud of this honour and want to thank all the volunteers for their dedication and hard work” stipulated the club on Facebook.

The regional champions are

Division Visiteur Pts Local Pts
Novice A- 2/Laval-Nord Huskies 1 1/Laval-Nord Prédateurs 3
Midget A- 2/Laval-Nord Remparts 6 1/Monteuil Étoiles 7
Novice C- 5/Delta Mighty Ducks 0 4/Laval-Est Sieurs 4
Atome C- 2/Laval-Nord Coyotes 3 1/Laval-Nord Gryzzlys 7
Atome A- 7/Laval-Est Voyageurs 3 1/Monteuil Étoiles 2
Pee-Wee C- 2/Delta Canucks 2 1/Monteuil Typhons 3
Bantam A- 3/Delta Lightning 1 1/Express TGV 4
Midget B- 7/Delta Panthères 0 5/Laval-Nord Canadiens 3
Junior A- 3/Laval-Nord Huskies 1 1/Delta Pingouins 3
Senior-A- 2/Laval-Est Rangers 0 1/Monteuil Éclairs 7
Novice B- 6/Monteuil Blizzards 2 5/Express TGV 1
Atome B- 11/Express Mistral  0 4/Delta Red Wings  2
Pee-Wee B- 6/Monteuil Blizzards  2 1/Express Mistral  5
Pee-Wee A- 2/Monteuil Étoiles  3 1/Laval-Nord Prédateurs  2
Bantam B- 3/Laval-Nord National  3 1/Delta Panthères  7
Junior B- 4/Delta Oilers  3 1/Express Mistral  6
Midget B-F- Féminin Mystiques 7 Féminin Avalanches 0


Interregional playoff

Interregional playoffs, for the single letters, were held in the Mauricie region from April7th to the 10th.

Of the Laval teams that made it to these finals, only one got the Gold, the Laval-Nord Prédateurs

Novice A –  Laval Nord  PRÉDATEURS  5-4 CASTORS

Bantam B  – Delta PANTHERS 0-2 ÉCLAIRS – RICH


Midget A  – JAGUARS – MONT 4-3 Monteuil ÉTOILES

Atome B  – VOLTIGEURS 3   ESTR  6-0 Delta RED WINGS

Novice C  – Laval East SIEURS  0-1 PRÉDATEURS – MAU


The regional championship Double letter Finals

After a season full of emotions the double letter finalists played their last matches from April 5th to the 10th, at the Guimond Sports Complex.

We now know which teams will be representing the Laval region at the Provincial Championships taking place in the Québec-Chaudière-Appalaches region from the 20th to the 24th of April 2016

The double letter champions are

Division Champoions finalists
atom BB Monteuil Lightning Delta Ducs
Atome CC Delta Ducs Laval-North Vipers
Peewee BB Monteuil Lightning Laval-North Cobra
Peewee CC Laval-North Vipers Monteuil Lightning
Bantam BB Laval East Rangers Monteuil Lightning
Bantam CC Delta Ducs Rapido Express
Midget AA Laval-North Cobra Delta Ducs
Midget BB Laval-North Vipers Rapido Express
Junior AA Delta Ducs Laval-North Vipers