AS Laval unveils electrifying, redesigned soccer uniforms

BMW Laval wants to give back to the community, says sales manager Nick Loffreda

Every few years at the AS Laval soccer club, the launch of a new player jersey design helps propel the young players forward, while also adding to their pride, knowing they are participating in one of the world’s truly great sports.

Proud parents, supporters and friends of AS Laval gathered for a 5 to 7 get-together in the showroom of BMW Laval, one of the club’s lead sponsors, on April 4 for the unveiling of the latest uniforms.

AS Laval players from various age groups are seen here in their new uniforms, with BMW Laval general manager for sales Nick Loffreda in the rear at the centre. (Photo: Martin C. Barry, Laval News)

A carefully-designed kit

The jerseys, shorts and socks, in a range of colors with a hint of silver, prominently feature a BMW Laval logo and crest at the centre of the jerseys. There’s also an AS Laval crest just below the left shoulder, as well as various sponsors’ insignias and logos elsewhere on the socks, shorts and jerseys.

It’s been around two years since AS Laval came into being, following the merger of two soccer clubs from central and eastern Laval. The new uniforms were designed by AS Laval technical staff members David Cerasuolo and Anthony Corneli. They worked with experts in sportswear design to put the uniform into production.

The new jerseys, shorts and socks, in colors ranging from green to red and white, prominently feature a BMW Laval logo. (Photo: Martin C. Barry, Laval News)

Something exciting and new

“It’s exciting for the kids, and even the staff members, to have something new like this new uniform design,” AS Laval’s general manager Ivana Mormina said in an interview with The Laval News. She said that just designing the new kit became an exciting process that many people took part in.

“We want to see the kids dressed in nice uniforms,” says Nick Loffreda, who leads the BMW Laval sales team. (Photo: Martin C. Barry, Laval News)

“Our colors are black, red, white and a little bit of silver,” said Corneli, who’s been with AS Laval and its predecessor associations for the past ten years.

AS Laval, whose history dates back at least 50 years under the two previous soccer clubs, has a total current membership of around 3,000 young soccer enthusiasts in U4 to U13+, as well as a semi-pro (L1QC) division. They are mostly from Laval, but also from Montreal.

An Italian-inspired design

“We brought back red after not having red in our colors for about ten years,” he continued. “But in general, we went back to a simple kit which is very subtle and clean. It’s going to look very sharp on the field.”

According to Corneli, the latest design was inspired in part by an Italian soccer club. Having grown up loving not only the sport of soccer, but also soccer fashion, whenever a redesign of AS Laval’s kits is called for, he is one of the first people on the AS Laval staff who is consulted.

Commitment to the community

Nick Loffreda, who leads the sales team at BMW Laval, said they felt it was important to give back to the community through the dealership’s support for AS Laval.

“It’s 50 years that we’ve been established and in business in Laval,” he said, noting that the soccer club and BMW Laval have been in a mutually-rewarding partnership for several years. “We want that partnership to continue. And we want to see the kids dressed in nice uniforms at the same time.”