Heritage Restoration of Laval City Hall

Initiation of selective demolition work and changes in the management of the professional services contract

At the special meeting of December 12, 2023, the municipal council approved the award of the contract for the first phase of work, which will consist of selective interior demolition, i.e. the dismantling of electromechanical systems, stripping and decontamination.

With this first work contract, Laval is beginning the realization of its project to bring City Hall, one of the most important heritage buildings in the territory, up to standard. This preparatory work will begin in early 2024 and will form the foundation for construction work to come later, as part of an upcoming call for tenders.

Laval City Hall.

During this meeting, the municipal council also terminated the professional services contract of Affleck de la Riva (ADLR), architects S.E.N.C. (ADLR) responsible for the development and upgrading of Laval City Hall. This decision was made following the joint recommendation of the Procurement Service and the Project Planning and Delivery Service.

It should be noted that the City of Laval is responsible for managing the funds entrusted to it by Laval residents with rigour and transparency. The teams carried out several mitigation measures with the architectural firm in order to ensure compliance with the obligations related to the contract. ADLR’s continued conduct, including numerous unjustified claims for additional professional fees, resulted in an irreparable breach of the City’s relationship of trust with it and led to the termination of the professional services contract for cause. This decision will save the City additional issues and potential delays. This is in the best interest of ensuring the success of the project.

Next Steps for the City Hall Restoration Project

In early 2024, the City will also launch three new calls for tenders (architecture and landscape architecture; mechanical, electrical and telecommunications; structural and civil) from professional firms to complete the design of the next city hall, produce execution plans and supervise the work. This action is necessary to ensure the continuation of the project, which has been the subject of a rigorous analysis for several months. As evidenced by this process, the City is very vigilant and is closely monitoring the impacts of the inflationary context in the construction industry, particularly with regard to the increase in material costs. Since the beginning of the project’s planning, the City has demonstrated exemplary transparency and rigorous budget management. It will also ensure that the successful bidder meets all the criteria of its call for proposals, including budget compliance.


Laval City Hall was built between 1963 and 1964. This building is part of Laval’s urban heritage: it represents a unique ensemble whose modern architectural solution allowed the designers to win the 1st architectural competition in Quebec. The work is necessary because the building has retained several original elements that are now in deterioration or no longer meet current standards.

Since 2020, the activities of the town hall and some municipal services have been relocated to 3131 Saint-Martin Boulevard West. The project consists of several phases, including: design, preparation of plans and specifications, repair and upgrading work, reconstruction of the building’s annex and all of its components (the old barracks, the link, the garage and the boiler room) as well as the exterior fittings.