Havre des Îles murder suspect’s court date still pending

A preliminary court date for the trial of a suspect arrested in conjunction with a murder on Havre des Îles Ave. on Dec. 4 has not yet been set, a spokeperson for the Laval Police Department told the Laval News on Wednesday.

According to LPD communications officer Évelyne Boudreau, the lead police investigator on the case confirmed the file is now in the hands of prosecution and defence attorneys at the Laval courthouse.

She said a date to present the results of a preliminary inquiry to the court hadn’t yet been set, although the suspect, identified as 58-year-old Albert Nathaniel, had his initial arraignment in early December and remains in custody.

Officers from the LPD were called to the scene of the murder on an upper storey of an apartment block at 2525 Havre des Îles Ave. on Île Du Tremblay on Dec. 4.

The 74-year-old female victim was found lying on the floor lifeless, with various indications on her body that she had been subjected to violence.

Albert Nathaniel, who was identified by the LPD as a resident of the same apartment as the victim, was placed under arrest and charged with second degree murder.