Halloween products sold by Spirit Halloween are being deemed dangerous by Health Canada

Health Canada is advising consumers to check all Spirit Halloween products on the list below due to ongoing health and safety concerns.

On several occasions, Spirit Halloween has agreed to voluntarily stop sale or recall products that do not meet Canadian health and safety regulatory requirements. However, Health Canada recently visited 45 stores across Canada and found that 23 stores continued to sell products that Spirit Halloween had previously agreed to stop selling or recall.

Health Canada is concerned with the continued sale of the following products sold by Spirit Halloween, some of which have been recalled or should no longer be available to consumers following a voluntary stop sale.  Health Canada will update this list if additional affected products are identified.

Consumers should not purchase the affected products listed above from Spirit Halloween and should check the Recalls and Safety Alerts Database for any products that were previously purchased. If you have a product that has been recalled, you should follow the actions described in the recall notice.

Health Canada has requested an action plan from Spirit Halloween to outline how they will address these compliance issues. The Department is also following up on additional products to assess compliance and may take further actions, if required. Health Canada also continues to inspect stores and may seize non-compliant products, if identified.

(SOURCE: Health Canada)