Home Local News Guy Ouellette takes part in Quebec-U.S. discussions

Guy Ouellette takes part in Quebec-U.S. discussions

Chomedey MNA Guy Ouellette attended Council of State Governments

Liberals’ Ouellette takes part in Quebec-U.S. discussions
Dave Levac; Keith Irving, Robin Schimminger, Guy Ouellette


As a member of Quebec National Assembly, ChomedeyMNA Guy Ouellette attended the 58th annual meeting and regional policy forum of CSG-ERC (The Council of State Governments-Eastern Regional Conference) in Rye Brook, New York from August 4 – 8.

The National Assembly has been represented on the executive committee of the Eastern Regional Conference since 1990 and has been able to vote on this committee since 1994.

Canada/U.S. dialogue

ERC is a non partisan organization regrouping legislators from 11 Eastern-U.S. states, plus Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands territories, plus five Canadian provinces (Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island).

As past co-chair of ERC 2016, Ouellette is a member of the executive committee and also a member of the Canada-US Relations committee. Incidently on Aug. 6, Ouellette was voted by his peers co-chair of that committee along with assemblyman Robin Schimminger of New York.

Topics on the table

This year, the two sessions of the Canada-US Relations Committee were on NAFTA, with renowned experts and panellists Laura Dawson from the Canada Institute, Mark Warner from MAAW Law, and Khawar Nasim, Canada deputy Consul General in New York, along with David Slack from Bombardier and Dan Kolundzic from Nanos Research.

Ouellette attended workshops on Autonomous Vehicles, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands: The long Road to Recovery, CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) in Football Players and Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation.