Give plasma for Samy!

The Laval Police Department is inviting all Laval residents and others from around the Montreal region to take part in an important plasma donation drive that will be taking place from November November 9 to December 5 at the Centre Globule on Le Corbusier Blvd. at the Centre Laval mall.
Initiated by colleagues of LPD sergeant-detective Aziz El-Fara, the purpose of the drive is to come to the help of El-Fara’s son, Samy, who is not quite 17 months old, and is the only child in Quebec suffering from a condition known as Roifman Syndrome. This rare congenital disorder is characterized by immune deficiency, abnormal growth and formation of bones and joints, vision problems and cognitive delay.

“Samy has to undergo a transfusion of immunoglobulin each week,” says sergeant-detective Sara-Imane Chemloul, a member of the committee that organized the drive. “His life depends on it. Taking an hour to make a donation of blood or plasma can make all the difference for Samy or anyone else who needs plasma or blood products. We are hoping to bring out the most donors possible, because even during a pandemic the needs are important in order to ensure an adequate supply for hospitals all over Quebec. Every donation counts. On behalf of Samy, we say thanks.”

To become a donor, a reservation must be made at (for plasma donations only), or by telephone by calling 1 888 666-4362. Donors wishing to make a blood donation are also welcome. A plasma donation can be made every six days, while a blood donation can only be made every 28 days by men and 56 days by women.

Additional information is available at this web link: