Four Laval teenagers arrested for alleged involvement in car theft ring

Abdellah Affane, Ouassim Aissi, Ahmed Mekkika and Mirwiss Nazrani were arrested as part of an investigation into car thefts in Laval. (Photo: Courtesy LPD)

The Laval Police Dept. says it has arrested four young male adults suspected of participating in a car theft ring.

“On the night of last 28 April, officers noticed a vehicle with four suspects aboard arriving in the parking lot of a hotel establishment,” the SPL said in a news release.

“Two of the suspects approached a Jeep and one of them got in through the roof. Moments later, the Jeep’s headlights were activated, at which point the police arrested the four suspects who had been caught in the act of attempting to steal the vehicle.”

Abdella Affane and Mirwiss Nazrani, both age 19, and Ahmed Mekkika and Aymen Ouassim, both age 18, were arrested.

According to the LPD, Affane and Nazrani were released with conditions to follow after appearing in court at the Palais de Justice in Laval.

In the meantime, police in Brampton ON took Mekkika and Ouassim into custody after their court appearance in Laval, as there was an outstanding arrest warrant for them related to an attempted murder charge.