Former amusement arcade manager jailed seven years for pedophile acts

The LPD issued this police mugshot of Michel Ianiri dating from March 2021.

Michel ‘Mike’ Iarini, who ran an amusement arcade on Laurier Blvd. in Laval-des-Rapides during the 1980s, was sentenced to seven years behind bars earlier this week after being found guilty of sexually assaulting teenage boys who were supplied with cocaine and money in exchange for sexual favors.

In addition to the jail sentence imposed at the Palais de Justice de Laval, Ianiri was also declared a long-term offender. As such, he will be subjected to close supervision by correctional service authorities for four additional years after his release.

The 62-year-old pleaded guilty in October 2021 to several sexual assault charges involving four male victims.

Three were teenagers when they were assaulted sexually during the 1980s.

The LPD issued this photo of Michel Ianiri when he was younger.

A fourth instance, which took place in the last three years during the Covid pandemic, involved a youth whom Iarini was sheltering at his home, although he was threatening to evict him if he didn’t agree to ingest cocaine.

In the three other instances, according to evidence and information presented in court, Ianiri preyed on his victims’ drug addiction to force them into humiliating sexual acts, including branding in one of the cases.

The victims all suffered lasting post-traumatic impacts, including long-term drug addiction, academic failure and attempted suicide.

A psychiatric report declared Ianiri to be a “high risk of violent recidivism, especially sexual. His lawyer, MMarie-Ève Duplessis, did not oppose the court’s decision to declare Ianiri a long-term offender.