Fête de Quartier Saint-Bruno raises $24,000

All proceeds going to Alzheimer Society of Laval

Fête de Quartier Saint-Bruno raises $24,000
Laval city councillors David De Cotis and Michel Poissant as well as Alzheimer Society of Laval executive-director Lise Lalande are seen here during the event held last Saturday in Lausanne Park.
Martin C. Barry

The fifth annual Fête de Quartier Saint-Bruno, which brought together thousands of residents of the district in Lausanne Park on Saturday Aug. 10, raised $24,000 for the Alzheimer Society of Laval.

“Over the last few years we’ve raised more than $130,000 for the cause,” said Saint-Bruno city councillor David De Cotis who sits with the opposition Action Laval party.

Bringing people closer

“The Fête de Quartier gives a real sense of belonging to the community, and at the same time a greater awareness of the Alzheimer Society of Laval,” added De Cotis.

“It’s the only home of its kind in Laval and it’s in this district, Saint-Bruno. All the sums raised today are going one hundred per cent to the Alzheimer Society of Laval cause.”

While there were inflatable games for the kids and many booths set up by community groups and sponsors to provide information about their services, without a doubt the highlight of the all-day family event was the dunking tank.

Three tries: $5

For $5, anyone could have three tries throwing cantaloupe-sized balls at a target. If they hit the bullseye, their favourite (or not) city councillor, Member of Parliament or Member of the National Assembly would drop into the drink.

Among the elected officials who accepted the challenge to be dunked were Alfred-Pellan Liberal MP Angelo Iacono, his Conservative rival in the October election Angelo Esposito, Vimont Liberal MNA Jean Rousselle, and Laval city councillors Michel Poissant and David De Cotis.

Aiming for each other

At one point, some of the politicians were taking shots at one another, as for instance when Esposito anteed up his $5 to try and dunk Iacono. While Rousselle also spent time in and out of the drink, he too paid for the privilege of trying to drop David De Cotis into the wet tank.

Iacono took Esposito’s attempt on him in stride. “He missed,” he said, while admitting that he also tried but failed to dunk Esposito. “But it’s all in fun and games. That’s what it’s all about: having fun for a good cause.”

Fête de Quartier Saint-Bruno raises $24,000

Ex-councillor supports cause

Among those who came out for the afternoon to take in all the fun and activities was former Laval city councillor for Concorde/Bois-de-Boulogne Jean-Jacques Lapierre. Now a resident of a seniors retirement residence in Chomedey, Lapierre said he travelled to Saint-Bruno to show his support for the Alzheimer Society of Laval.

“The association does such good work,” he said. “I’ve always been a very active person and I’ve following the society’s progress from the beginning. I think they deserve our support since they’re doing good work. That’s why I came today.”