Elections DG would annex part of Chomedey to Fabre


Provincial MNAs from the Laval region are raising their voices against a proposal by Quebec’s Director General of Elections that would see part of the riding of Chomedey annexed to the riding of Fabre.

According to a statement issued by the MNAs, the 2,538 voters in the current configuration of Chomedey, which is bounded by Saint-Martin Blvd. West, 100th Ave. to the intersection of Dutrisac St., the bike path in Le Boutillier Park, Souvenir Rd., Clarendon Ave. Notre-Dame Blvd. and the Hydro Quebec high-tension power line, stand to become part of the riding of Fabre “with which they have no sociological, cultural, historical or geographic affinity,” the MNAs said.

Chomedey Liberal MNA Guy Ouellette, president of the Laval Liberal caucus, said the proposed modification “creates more than an inconvenience. It reaches to the heart of the Hellenic community, a community which has been in Laval since the city’s beginning.” Ouellette also pointed out the importance of taking fully into account the projected growth of the population of the riding, and beyond that the growth of the region of Laval.

Many factors to consider

The MNAs pointed out that Article 15 of the elections act stipulates that any restructuring of electoral boundaries must take into account the surrounding natural communities as being a representation of the electors. The density of the population, the relative growth of the population, accessibility, the surface area, the natural boundaries and the presence of specific groups of people, be they religious, linguistic or cultural, are among the factors to be considred, said the MNAs.

“With the proposed enlargement of the territory of Fabre and the addition of Souvenir Rd., this would cause the outflow of the Hellenic orthodox church of Chomedey,” said Fabre Liberal MNA Monique Sauvé. “It is more than a building: this church is a place of community, a gathering spot, a pillar of the Greek community in Chomedey.”

Sainte-Rose Liberal MNA Jean Habel suggested that another way should be found before proceeding with any changes. “The addition of a section of Chomedey North, bounded by Autoroute 440, le Carrefour Blvd., Route 117 and the A-15, while annexing it to the riding of Sainte-Rose,” he said. “This proposal comes from the fact that there exist natual links with this sector north of Chomedey.”