Eighth annual Chomedey Fete de Quartier

Moms, dads and kids take in the sun, while learning about community groups

Martin C. Barry

The weather was perfect for a day of fun and games at Parc Pie-X in Chomedey during the eighth annual Fête de Quartier on Saturday Aug. 20. Among the many sponsors of the popular event was the Laval News.

As a community event that’s been growing in popularity annually, the Fête attracted more than 1,200 people, including a lot of families with children. They enjoyed an endless supply of corn on the cob, stage entertainment, organized events for the kids, and information booths sponsored by a dozen or so local community groups.

Fête de Quartier de Chomedey
Seen here with Laval city councillor Pierre Anthian, members of the Centre Communautaire Val-Martin were one of the many community groups at the Fête.

Team work pays off

“This has been a great team effort,” said Patrice Angeli of the Comité de Développement Local de Chomedey who was a member of the Fête’s organizing committee. “We’re having a great year and we’re happy so many people have come out. More and more people are coming out each year. The weather is perfect. Everything has come together perfectly.”

In keeping with tradition, the 2016 Fête de Quartier was a showcase for community groups from all over the area to promote their activities and work. Among the many things to see and do were inflatable games for the kids and workout sessions with physical education experts. It was also an opportunity to meet local elected representatives.

Fête de Quartier de Chomedey
An estimated 1,200 people attended the Fête de Quartier de Chomedey.

‘Important event’

Chomedey Liberal MNA Guy Ouellette, who usually spends part of the afternoon at the Fête each year, was present at the very beginning of the event in the early afternoon, although a busy schedule obliged him to depart by the time the Laval News arrived. “Mr. Ouellette extends his best wishes to all the families who are benefiting from this important event,” said Mouher Terjanian, one of Ouellette’s attachés.

Jacinthe Roque, a longtime Chomedey resident, said it was her first time attending the Fête. She also said she was impressed with the growing availability of activities and special events in Laval’s parks in recent years.

Fête de Quartier de Chomedey
Najib Akiki of Perspective Carrière was at the Fête de Quartier de Chomedey providing information about the group.

Scouts and Guides participated

This year, the Scouts and Guides of Chomedey became fully involved in the Fête. They boiled up and served hundreds of ears of corn on the cob. “We have a very tasty crop this year,” said Jean Ajmo, a group leader in the Centre St. Joseph Guides and Scouts.

They hold meetings every Saturday from 5:30 to 8 pm. According to Ajmo, the Fête de Quartier proved to be the perfect venue for recruiting new Guides and Scouts. “In just two hours we signed up sixteen more new members,” he said.

Fête de Quartier de Chomedey
The Guides and Scouts from the Centre St. Joseph signed up new members during the Fête.

City councillor impressed

Jean Coupal, the independent city councillor for Laval’s Souvenir-Labelle district, was pleased to see so many people from Laval’s west end together in one place at one time. He also pointed out that since not everybody in Laval is able to get out of the city to enjoy themselves, an event like the Fête de Quartier de Chomedey has an important role to play.

First held in 2009, the first Fête de Quartier de Chomedey was attended that year by just 400 people, although the number has grown exponentially each year since then. Major sponsors this year included IGA Extra Gagnon et Filles, the Caisse Desjardins de Chomedey, the City of Laval, Chomedey MNA Guy Ouellette, Vimy MP Eva Nassif and local city councillors Vasilios Karidogiannis and Aline Dib.