Dorel Juvenile Canada recalls swivel wheel jogging strollers

Dorel Juvenile Canada recalls swivel wheel jogging strollers.

Dorel Juvenile Canada recalls swivel wheel jogging strollers.  Affected products are the Instep, Instep Safari  and Schwinn Grand Safari swivel wheel jogging strollers with a front wheel quick release mechanism

Product description

This recall involves single and double occupant swivel wheel jogging strollers that have a quick release mechanism for removing and re-attaching the front wheel. Instep, Instep Safari and Schwinn Grand Safari strollers with the following model numbers are affected. The model number is located on the back of the stroller seat on a label.

The following products are included in this recall:
Model Model Number
Instep Safari TT Double Stroller 01AR266CRED
Instep Safari TT Double Stroller 01AR265
Instep Safari Deluxe Double Stroller 01153CCWU
Instep Safari Swivel Wheel Jogging Stroller 01AR180
Instep Free Wheeler Jogging Stroller 01SC701
Schwinn Grand Safari Tandem Jogging Stroller 04STAD12

Hazard identified

If not installed properly, the front wheel can become loose and detach, posing crash and fall hazards.

Neither Dorel Juvenile Canada nor Health Canada has received any consumer reports of incidents or injuries related to their use in Canada.

In the United States, Pacific Cycle has received 132 reports of the front wheel becoming loose or unstable, resulting in 215 injuries, including head injuries, sprains, lacerations, bumps, bruises, and abrasions.

Number sold

Approximately 12,360 units of the recalled strollers were sold in retail stores across Canada.

Time period sold

The recalled strollers were sold from January 2010 to April 2016.

(Source: Government of Canada)