Demers cutting back schedule to care for ailing wife

Laval mayor Marc Demers says he is temporarily putting aside some of his usual duties so that he can spend more time caring for his wife who will soon be undergoing surgery.

“For my part, my wife will have to undergo an important surgery shortly,” Demers said in a message posted Tuesday on social media.

“In such circumstances, I’m convinced you’ll understand that I lighten my schedule to take care of the one I’ve been sharing my life with for nearly 50 years – and that has allowed me to have three beautiful kids!”

Saying he will continue to fullfill essential responsibilities, Demers added that he has asked Laval executive-committee vice-president Stéphane Boyer to take over some tasks in Boyer’s capacity as alternate mayor.

“I know you will be in excellent hands with Stéphane and our experienced team which has been running the city for seven years now,” said Demers.

On Tuesday, a spokesperson for Demers’ office was unable to confirm whether the mayor would be taking part next week in Laval city council’s scheduled monthly webcast.

He is expected to resume normal activities in a few weeks, according to the Montreal daily La Presse.