David De Cotis is thrilled with the Upcoming Construction of Athletic Facility

“I am very proud of this state-of-the-art project, a request that has been made by the residents of Saint-Bruno for many years!”

The City Councillor for Saint-Bruno and Opposition Critic for Sports, Culture and Recreation, David De Cotis, is delighted that work will begin soon to revitalize the Odyssée-des-jeunes school park with the construction of a new state-of-the-art athletics facility.

Supported by the Councillor since its conception, the construction work should begin next month and be completed in time for the June 2020 Jeux du Québec, for which Laval will be the host city. However, for David de Cotis, this should not only be seen as an expense for the Jeux, but also for the years to come, and for the benefit of all the young people and active citizens of the sector.

I supported this project and participated in its design as soon as it was suggested by the municipal services in 2017! It is not only for the Jeux du Québec, it is a legacy that will allow our young people to practice their sports in their environment and in their neighbourhood, without having to travel elsewhere in the city or in Montréal. This is the main reason for my support to the project”, he said.

The Councillor for Saint-Bruno considers this project to be one of his main achievements in the neighbourhood, in addition to the Lausanne Community Centre, which, he says “create a sense of belonging and a real neighbourhood life. Having the Jeux du Québec in our neighbourhood is an honour”.

As for the removal of about twenty trees, as communicated by the public works department to make way for the site, the Councillor considers this “unfortunate” but necessary, given that most of these trees are affected by the emerald ash borer.
I will ask and ensure that they are replaced quickly, it is a school ground and a huge green space, the presence of trees is important”.

In conclusion, David De Cotis reiterates his will to work tirelessly for the citizens of his district and for better neighbourhood infrastructure throughout Laval. “Citizens are asking us to improve and add local sports infrastructures, rather than focusing everything in the downtown area. Our caucus and our party, Action Laval, are committed to this approach, you can count on us!”.