News from City of Laval’s executive-committee

Members approve subsidies to several community groups

(TLN) The members of the City of Laval’s executive-committee made several significant decisions on Aug. 14 involving grants to local community organizations, as well as an agreement involving the development of Laval’s downtown core.

Subsidies for groups

The executive-committee members approved a subsidy from the Social Economy Fund (FES) of almost $100,000. The sum will be divided between several community groups in Laval.

For example, Diapason-Jeunesse will be receiving $10,000 in order to assess the shared use by several organizations of a single space administered by a cooperative. As well, the SCAMA Centre is receiving a $30,000 subsidy to put into a place a multiservice client service desk.

More subsidies

As well, the Association des résidents de Champfleury and Loisirs Renaud-Coursol will each be receiving $5,000 each to work out their strategic planning. And Théâtre Bluff will be receiving $30,000 to further their growth and increase their exposure through publicity and marketing.

Since the beginning of this year, the executive-committee has approved subsidies from the Fonds Jeunes Promoteurs in the amount of $70,000 to help young entrepreneurs create their own businesses.

CSDL receives funds

The executive-committee also approved a $52,000 subsidy to the Centre communautaire Val-Martin. At the same time, the executive-committee approved a $20,000 grant to the Commission scolaire de Laval for their “Accessibilité culture” project to encourage access to culture for the largest number of students possible.

Finally, the executive-committee recommended to city council that they approve an agreement between the city and the Senseable City Consortium (SCC) at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Through the agreement, the Senseable City Lab is mandated explore and find innovative new ways to develop the City of Laval’s growing downtown core.