City partly lifts ‘don’t use water’ order in Sainte-Dorothée

The City of Laval said on Thursday afternoon that it was partly rescinding an order issued to residents of certain streets in Sainte-Dorothée on Tuesday that they refrain from consuming tap water because of a suspected breach in the underground infrastructure caused by the fire department.

According to the city, testing shows that an unidentified substance which was accidentally released into the system is no longer present, and residents can now use tap water for purposes such as washing, although the city says it should still not be consumed orally, even after boiling.

The streets affected are chemin Bord-de-l’Eau, rue Principale and avenue des Bois, as well as in the Îles Laval sector.

The city is recommending a four-step procedure for rinsing out each household’s water system, as follows:

1.   Allow cold water to run in the bathtub for a minimum of 20 minutes, or until it becomes clear and odorless (especially without any discernible soap or detergent odor). 

2.   Follow the above step for all other tap water outlets in the home. 

3.   Wash out your water heater tank by running the hot water in the bath or shower cubicle for 20 minutes, again until it is clear and odorless. 

4.   Follow the same steps for outside faucets, as well as for laundry washing machines and kitchen dishwashers.