City invests $3 million to support community groups

The City of Laval has announced a $3 million disbursement available to community groups which are actively involved in helping to provide assistance to vulnerable persons.

“In Laval, we believe in the all-important work being done by the community organizations for people who are the most vulnerable,” said Mayor Stéphane Boyer.

“Our commitment to invest $3 million is a reflection of our willingness to contribute towards the development of community organizations on all our territory against poverty and social injustice.”

Marc Longchamps, executive-director of the Corporation de développement communautaire de Laval, reacted enthusiastically to the announcement. “We salute this initiative and the leadership shown by the City of Laval,” he said.

“By taking this measure to support the community organizations and the population of Laval, the municipality is contributing towards the improvement of living conditions and the quality of the social fabric,” he added. “This is support which is arriving at a moment when the situation is increasingly worrying for our organizations and the citizens of Laval.”

Social services providers in Laval say the demands placed on them since the beginning of the Covid pandemic have greatly increased. Social service organizations can apply for some of the funding from the City of Laval through a portal on the city’s website. The deadline to apply is 9 am on Sept. 11.

City replacing sand under swings with synthetic surface

The city announced last week that it has decided to replace the sand, which traditionally has served as a cushion beneath specially-adapted swings in playgrounds, with a synthetic covering.

In all, 10 parks will be affected by the decision. The city says the synthetic surface will make the swings easier to use by persons with less physical strength than the average.

The parks in question are Val-des-Arbres (Val-des-Arbres), des Trembles (Saint-Vincent-de-Paul), du Moulin (Saint-François), Chopin (Renaud), Légaré (Saint-Martin), Jolibourg (Laval-Les-Îles), Champfleury (Fabreville), Isabelle (L’Orée-des-Bois), des Saules (Auteuil) and de Lausanne (Saint-Bruno).

In the meantime, the city says a refurbishing of parc Pie-X in Chomedey is scheduled to be completed in 2024.

“The replacement of sand surfaces with synthetic carpeting under the adapted swings fits perfectly with out intention to offer inclusive play areas,” says Mayor Stéphane Boyer.

“By facilitating access to playgrounds in Laval, we are allowing all children to play together, regardless of their individual capacities.” The City of Laval has been trying in recent years to increase universal access generally, and this latest move fits in with this.

Laval issues call for bids for new social housing project in Pont-Viau

The city has announced a first call for bids for a new social and affordable housing project to be located at 1001 des Laurentides Blvd. in Pont-Viau.

According to the city, the project, for which the city is making the lot available, will create 25 to 28 new social and affordable housing units that meet environmental and universal accessibility standards. The city says applications to carry out the project will be accepted from either community-based or private project developers.