City gearing up in case of floods

Officials with the City of Laval say they are going to be prepared this year for flooding in some of the island’s most vulnerable riverside areas, while urging residents to also take precautions on their own.

The City of Laval is hoping there won’t be a repetition this year of scenes like this from the 2019 spring floods in Laval-Ouest.

According to the city, the most vulnerable period for flooding is in mid-April. As such, Laval plans to be ready to install an inflatable rubber barrier along the waterfront in Laval-Ouest should this become necessary.

Last year, it proved to be very helpful in deterring surges of floodwater. The city is also offering free sand bags for property owners to stack around their grounds to keep flood waters out.

Martin C. Barry, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter for the Laval News,