City doubles the number of outdoor summer rest stops

Eight relaxing rest stops will be open in various locations

After a successful launch last year, the City of Laval has decided to maintain a small network of eight outdoor rest stops set up in strategic and scenic locations around the island.

The city had decided to open the rest areas last year in spite of the pandemic in order to provide Laval residents with outdoor places to get away from home for a while and relax in the open air.

“Being able to plan outings and vacations far from home is still a little unpredictable,” says Laval’s deputy-mayor Stéphane Boyer who is president of the executive-committee.


“Setting up these eight sites allows all the generations in Laval to get away from their everyday situations, to explore their city, to visit the neighbourhoods and to get to know them. The city has so many good features that are nearby, so that everyone can enjoy summer, and these rest stops are the best way to start.”

Four rest stops that were opened last year are back again in 2021, with new features that include outdoor furniture, shaded areas and staging areas for performers. They are expected to open over the coming weeks. As well, the city says some of the stops will remain open throughout the coming autumn.

Where to find rest stops

The eight rest stops can be found at the following locations:

  • Parc Marcel-Gamache, in Sainte-Dorothée;
  • Émile-Nelligan Library, in Laval-des-Rapides;
  • Centre communautaire Saint-Louis-de-Montfort, in Pont-Viau;
  • Église Saint-Vincent-de-Paul, in Saint-Vincent-de-Paul;
  • Berge aux Quatre-Vents, in Laval-Ouest;
  • Outside Métro De la Concorde, in Laval-des-Rapides;
  • Berge des Écores, in Duvernay;
  • Site of the former Centre communautaire Saint-Noël-Chabanel, in Saint-François.

Special features

Over the summer, it will be possible to see, in each of the rest stops, a staging areas where works by performers of all kinds, some well-known, others less so, will be staged. Among the artists expected this summer are Luc Melanson and Katy Lemay.

Over the coming weeks, the City of Laval public libraries will be hosting a staging of the French-language work for children ‘Les hauts et les bas d’Amanda,’ through a story-trail to be created on the grounds at parc Marcel-Gamache, at the Émile-Nelligan library and and the berge des Écores.