City, Arts Council offer subsidies to performers and groups

The Quebec Arts and Letters Council and the City of Laval, working in conjunction with Culture Laval, have launched a call for bids to receive subsidies for performance projects to take place on Laval territory. The deadline date to submit plans and ideas is April 28.

Applications are being accepted by the city for two categories of projects:

          Professionnal performers and writers:

          Professional performance organizations:

Culture Laval is offering, on an appointment basis, individual accompaniment to professional performers and writers, as well as representatives of performance groups, who may wish to submit applications.

A virtual presentation will be taking place for performers and writers in order to furnish them with additional information on their possible admissibility to programs and how applications should be submitted.

Laval City Hall.

The session will be taking place on March 16 from 11:30 am to 1 pm. Interested individuals can contact Éric Dufresne-Arbique ( to make an appointment and to receive a link for the online information session.

The subsidies program is being offered as part of a triennial agreement (2021-2024) between the the Quebec Arts and Letters Council and the City of Laval, with Culture Laval, in which the partners have invested $600,000.

The program’s goals are as follows:

  • To encourage artistic creation and performance in Laval ;
  • To further the development of the talents of the performers and writers;
  • To encourage their presence in Laval;
  • To promote the emergence and use of digital technology;
  • To encourage professional performers’ organizations in Laval.