City agrees to leave two-side parking in place on Eiffel Ave.

Chomedey city councillor Aglaia Revelakis tells the Laval News that a dispute between the city and Eiffel Ave. homeowners over a planned street narrowing project has been resolved to the overall satisfaction of the residents.

As reported in the Laval News’s May 15 issue, the City of Laval had planned to narrow the street while widening the sidewalks during a road reconstruction project set to take place over the coming summer months.

However, as a result of the widening, the roadway was going to be narrowed, the consequence of that being the elimination of all parking spaces on one side of the street.

Needless to say, that did not sit well with Eiffel Ave. residents, many of whom own more than one vehicle, and a petition signed by a large number of them was tabled at the May 5 Laval city council session.

Following a meeting between administration officials and residents, according to Revelakis, the city has agreed not to narrow the street as much as originally planned, and to continue allowing parking on both sides of Eiffel, although a final decision on the width of the sidewalks hasn’t been made.

“Today I got the final response from the engineering department that they have reconsidered and revaluated the situation,” said Revelakis. “They will keep the parking spaces as is, while at the same time trying to enlarge the sidewalks.”

She said they agreed not to widen the sidewalks to the originally-planned 1.8 metres. The current width of the sidewalks on Eiffel Ave. is 1.4 metres.