CISSS decrees more urgent measures as COVID alert goes ‘Orange’

Remember to wear a face mask on all outings, and to carefully wash your hands upon return each time.

Laval’s regional health authority, CISSS de Laval, issued a statement on Tuesday clarifying some new measures coming into place as the COVID-19 alert system rises from Yellow status to Orange.

Officials with the CISSS said the decision to raise the alarm level was taken following a careful analysis of the situation, while also noting that an upward trend in the number of confirmed cases was detected, and that outbreaks recently occurred in several Laval-area care facilities, work places, schools and daycare centres.

The change of status to Orange means the following rules now apply:

  • Private gatherings are now limited to 6 persons;
  • The number of persons now allowed at one time in a single public place drops to 25 (from the previous 250);
  • Inspections by health and public safety authorities will now become more frequent.