Chomedey Neighbourhood Party takes place Saturday Aug. 19

Get down to celebrate at Parc Pie-X in Chomedey beginning at 1:30 pm

The organizing committee of the Chomedey Neighborhood Party is inviting people of all ages to participate in the 15th edition of this fun event on Saturday August 19.

It will be held beginning at 1:30 pm at Parc Pie-X, which is located at 1170 Pie-X Boulevard in Chomedey. The Chomedey Neighborhood Party has been part of a neighborhood summer tradition for 15 years.

Proud to be in Chomedey

Get ready for some healthy fun in the sun, because the organizing committee wants to show all the reasons everybody who lives here should be proud to be in Chomedey. As in past years, the neighborhood party has been planned to be liked and enjoyed by everyone.

Feasting on corn during the 2022 Chomedey Neighbourhood Party. (Photo: Martin C. Barry, Laval News)

The organizers say they are once again counting on many community organizations in the neighborhood to be on hand to entertain and inform at their kiosks, while introducing themselves to residents and explaining their respective missions.

Don’t miss roast corn

The neighbourhood party’s famous corn roast will also be making a comeback. The organizers are calling on all Chomedey residents to come out and participate, as well as to share this invitation with everyone around. There will be many prizes to win.

Neighbourhood Party trivia: Did you know that this celebration is a community initiative, one of the results from the 2008 Comité de développement local de Chomedey? The committee says it is anxious to continue this tradition and share this moment with you.

“We have many reasons to celebrate, because our neighborhood gives us many to be proud of,” said Lydia Douville, a spokesperson for the organizers.

‘We have many reasons to celebrate, because our neighborhood gives us many to be proud of,’ say the organizers

Support from sponsors

They said they would also like to mention that the party is being made possible thanks to the financial support of several partners, including: Caisse populaire Desjardins de Chomedey, IGA Extra Gagnon et Filles, the Laval News, the City of Laval, as well as the following elected officials:

Sandra El-Helou (Souvenir-Labelle city councillor), Aline Dib (Saint-Martin city councillor) and Mr. Vasilios Karidogiannis (Abord-à-Plouffe city councillor). They said they would also like to thank Sona Lakhoyan-Olivier (Member of Parliament for Chomedey) for her generous contribution. “We wish you all a HAPPY and FESTIVE neighborhood party!”