Chomedey man, 75, arrested after gun threat and day-long standoff

A 75-year-old male resident of Chomedey was taken into police custody by officers from the Laval Police earlier this week after he threatened a neighbour with what appeared to be a handgun, leading to a day-long standoff.

The incident, at a home near Lévesque and Samson boulevards and Promenade des Îles, was triggered by an argument last Monday morning between the suspect and a neighbour across the street over the location of trash disposal bins.

The suspect waved the weapon at his neighbour, after which 9-1-1 was called, the police responded, and the suspect withdrew into a dwelling, leading to the day-long standoff.

According to one report, three officers at one point had their guns pointed at the home the suspect had entered, which as it turned out was not his own, leading the police to fear a hostage-taking situation.

By evening last Monday, the suspect had surrendered, was arrested, and was taken to police headquarters for questioning.

He has since then been released on a promise to turn up for a court hearing.

He faces charges of making death threats and using a firearm during the commission of a crime.