Chomedey Lebanese restaurant hit by suspected arson twice in 24 hours

The Nuits de Beyrouth restaurant on Curé Labelle Labelle Blvd. in Chomedey was the target of apparent arson attacks during the early morning hours last Monday and Tuesday.

According to media reports, it was the second suspected arson incident at the landmark Lebanese restaurant within a 24-hour period.

A spokesperson for the Laval Police confirmed that the Laval Fire Dept. and the police responded twice to a fire at the address at the Centre St-Martin shopping mall.

The first incident, according to police, was at 4:30 am Monday, when flames were reported on the outer façade of the restaurant, although they went out on their own.

Then around 1 am Tuesday, a witness reported seeing flames inside the restaurant.

The LPD has transferred the resulting incident reports to its arson investigation squad.

According to the Montreal news site La Presse, an attempt to torch Nuits de Beyrouth also took place in October.

The LPD has charged two suspects believed to be connected to this as well as other arson incidents at restaurants throughout the Laval region.