Careless candle use blamed for minor Laval-des-Rapides fire

A small fire that broke out in a 16-unit apartment building on Laval Blvd. in the city’s Laval-des-Rapides sector during the late afternoon Thursday has been blamed on the negligent use of a candle.

According to the Laval Fire Department, they received a call about the blaze around 5:15 pm on Oct. 1 and were on the scene at the building located between Saint-Martin and Souvenir boulevards in around three minutes time.

Upon arrival of seven LFD firefighting units for a total of 21 firefighters, there didn’t seem to be a major fire underway. However, an immediate evacuation of the building was ordered all the same, and as many as 20 people came out.

In a basement apartment, the firemen found the source of the problem: a candle that was still burning but reaching its base and which was about to set off a major fire.

Just past 5:20 pm, the fire was declared under control and the evacuees were told they could return to their apartments.