Canadian Forces deployed in Laval for flood assistance

Around 200 Force personnel have been deployed in Laval

Agency is providing assistance to flood victims
From the left: Laval Police chief inspector for risk management Manon Ouellette, Laval Police director Pierre Brochet, Canadian Forces Lt. Col. Stéphane Tremblay and Master Warrant Officer Patrick Barriault.

(TLN) Last week as the City of Laval was beginning to deal with spring flooding, Lt. Col. Stéphane Tremblay, commander of operational forces in the greater Montreal region, and Master Warrant Officer Patrick Barriault visited the city’s Emergency Measures Coordination Centre.

The two stated their support and the determination of the troops under their command to provide assistance to Laval residents during this time of crisis. Laval Police director Pierre Brochet, who also coordinates civil security in Laval, was on hand to welcome them.

Around 200 Canadian Forces personnel (around a third of the total number of soldiers deployed in Quebec to deal with the flooding) were brought into Laval and have been providing assistance in areas of the city that are most impacted.