BIXI bikes finally arrive in Laval

Stations at Montmorency, Cartier, Parc Saint-Claude and City Hall

(TLN) Beginning on Friday Oct. 4, BIXI’s well-known rental bikes have been available in Laval. The availability comes as a result of an agreement struck between the Montreal-based BIXI organization and the City of Laval.

A fleet of the electric bikes has been acquired by the Société de transport de Laval with financial assistance provided by the federal and provincial governments. The bikes can be borrowed and returned to four stations in Laval: City Hall, Montmorency Terminus, Cartier Terminus and Sainte-Claude Park. All the stations are powered by solar energy.

BIXI welcome in Laval

“The City of Laval is proud to join the BIXI network and to add bike sharing to the cocktail of transportation means put at the disposal of Laval residents in order to improve mobility on its territory,” said Laval city councillor for L’Abord-à-Plouffe Vasilios Karidogiannis, who is responsible for the dossier.

The arrival of BIXI in Laval was a direct result of cooperation by the STL. “The arrival of BIXI in Laval aligns perfectly with the STL’s intention to encourage active mobility by Laval residents, while keeping in harmony with urban development,” said city councillor Eric Morasse, the STL’s board president.

The City of Laval says it will add 20 BIXI bikes next year and two additional stations. Following this, the system’s growth in Laval over the next 10 years will see the number of bikes available grow to 350.

How BIXI works

BIXI bikes finally arrive in Laval

Rental can be made through the BIXI app, which also allows geo-locating the bikes, while determining their availability, or directly at the bike station. Wearing of a helmet is mandatory on electrically-assisted BIXI bikes. For short-term access, a security deposit of $100 on a credit card is required. The bikes can be returned to any BIXI station in Laval, Montreal or in Longueuil. BIXI bikes are available between April 15 and November 15.