Asphalting work begins June 1 on Autoroute 15 service roads

The Quebec Ministry of Transport is advising motorists that, beginning on June 1, asphalting work will be carried out on the service roads of Autoroute 15 between Cartier Blvd. and Autoroute 440 in Laval.

Taking place during the night in order to minimize the impact on traffic, the work will necessitate the complete closure of entrance and exit ramps on the A-15 along this stretch and the service roads. In addition, the service road of Autoroute 440 headed east will be closed, as well as some nearby streets in the City of Laval.

According to Transports Québec, the work will be taking place from June 1 to mid-July. During those times when the service roads and ramps are closed completely, detours will be set up, the ministry said. Unfavorable weather conditions or other operational constraints could postpone the work or cancel it altogether, added the ministry.