Alice Abou-Khalil welcomes constituents to new riding office

Newly-elected Fabre MNA’s locale is in the heart of Sainte-Dorothée

Newly-elected Member of the National Assembly for Fabre Alice Abou-Khalil finally got a chance to touch base with some of her provincial riding’s constituents on the evening of Friday Dec. 16, when she held a pre-Christmas reception for the official opening of her new office.

Newly-elected Fabre MNA Alice Abou-Khalil welcomed all those, who despite winter road conditions, came to the inauguration of her new riding office. Her colleague, Sainte-Rose MNA Christopher Skeete was among her guests on Friday Dec. 16.

In a way, it’s not a new office – at least in the sense that Abou-Khalil opted to move into a locale at the corner of Principale and Hôtel de Ville in Sainte-Dorothée previously occupied by former MNA Monique Sauvé.

Official opening

In an interview with the Laval News, Abou-Khalil said she and her staff moved into the office around a month ago, but needed time to renovate a bit before inviting visitors in.

During the gathering, Abou-Khalil and her staff spent some time paying homage to the volunteers who helped with her political campaign leading up to the election last October. As well, representatives of local community groups dropped by. In all, around 120 people accepted the invitation.

“The message was very simple: to let them know that we’re here for them, the office we have here is for them,” she said.

Help available

“They can just make an appointment and come anytime from Monday to Friday,” Abou-Khalil continued. “We can see how we can be of help because we are here to help them. After all, I am their elected representative and they need to know that I am here.

“It’s also to wish them a Merry Christmas and hope that the year 2023 is a lot better than the last two years when there was Covid and other things,” she said. Alice Abou-Khalil’s constituency office is located at 538 rue Principale in Sainte-Dorothée (H7X 1C3). The office’s phone number is (450) 689-5516.