Aglaia Revelakis sticking to Action Laval for now

The future? ‘It’s hard to say,’ says Chomedey councillor.

Martin C. Barry

With Action Laval no longer the official opposition at Laval city hall since last November’s municipal elections, the party’s lone member on city council, Chomedey councillor Aglaia Revelakis, was asked by the Laval News about the future of the party as well as her own plans.

What the future holds

Laval city councillor for Chomedey Aglaia Revelakis says that for the time being she remains committed to Action Laval, which is no longer the official opposition on Laval city council.

“We are looking forward to a great year are continuing to do the great work that we were elected for at city hall,” Revelakis said in an interview with the Laval News during a break at the first city council meeting for 2018 on Jan. 16.

Regarding her own future, she said, “Right now I’m with Action Laval. I got elected under the banner of Action Laval. Right now I’m here at city hall. I got elected by the citizens of Laval, and for now this is the plan. For the future, it’s hard to say anything else, but right now I’m here. And if anything else happens we are sure to let you know.”

A reversal of roles

In the meantime, Action Laval and its former rival for official opposition status, the Parti Laval, have switched office spaces on the ground floor at Laval city hall. Revelakis, who is regarded as an independent on city council, is currently the only elected councillor occupying her office space which was set aside for any independent members.

The Parti Laval – which is led by former Fabreville councillor Michel Trottier, who is biding his time on the sidelines after failing in his bid for the mayoralty in the November election – now occupies a small suite of offices used by Claude Larochelle, the only city councillor elected under the Parti Laval’s banner.