English-speaking Seniors’ Wellness Center marks its first year

New source of funding sought to keep center running after next year

English-speaking Seniors’ Wellness Center marks its first year
Martin C. Barry

A little more than a year after Chomedey-based Agape social services took a bold leap forward with the opening of their new Laval English-speaking Seniors’ Wellness Center, friends and members gathered at the facility on Notre Dame Blvd. last week for a first-year anniversary celebration.

Something to celebrate

Nearly 40 people accepted an invitation to be there, including Chomedey’s Member of the National Assembly Guy Ouellette.

A self-serve “potluck” buffet was served. Ouellette spoke and delivered a message of congratulations to everyone associated with the Seniors’ Wellness Center.

The Seniors’ Wellness Center has been operating thanks to a two-year subsidy provided through Quebec’s Ami des Aînés program, as well as guidance received from the Community Health and Social Services Network.

Funding for another year

The staff at Agape are hoping that a new source of funding for the Seniors’ Wellness Center materializes by next year, failing which they will be exploring alternate ways to keep the center running.

“We’re hoping to get government programs that support us once more,” said Ian Williams, Agape’s staff social worker.

“If not, then we may have to look into other forms of fundraising such as membership fees, which the seniors seem to be willing to do. But ideally it would be free at all times. We would exclude membership fees if we could.”

English-speaking seniors

With the new centre, Laval’s English-speaking seniors have been able to participate in presentations on health, learn about the resources available to seniors who prefer to be served in English, take part in special activities, and receive referrals for their social service needs.

The center is located on the third floor at 3860 Notre Dame just east of Curé Labelle Blvd. The building has an elevator and there is a large parking lot on the side and in the rear.