Action Laval says mayor still focuses on raising taxes, despite $200 million savings

‘Citizens of Laval are unmistakably overtaxed,’ says Val-des-Arbres councillor Cifelli

Action Laval city councillors for Saint-Bruno David De Cotis and for Val-des-Arbres Achille Cifelli say they were stupefied to learn during the March city council meeting that a restructuring of the administration would save the city $200 million in taxes paid by residents.

Action Laval city councillor for Saint-Bruno David De Cotis. (Photo: Martin C. Barry, Newsfirst Multimedia)(

“In this context known by the mayor for a long time, how could he have decided to again increase taxes?” the two said in a statement released to the media.

‘He knew,’ says De Cotis

“How did the mayor dare increase the tax bills of Laval residents in the current context, when he knew that the administration would be proposing a restructuring plan that would save the city $200 million?” said De Cotis.

Questioned by Action Laval, Mayor Boyer acknowledged that the day after the last municipal election, he was informed by the city manager that the administration was undertaking a plan to restructure.

“This puts an end to the debate, we were right during the election campaign,” Cifelli maintained. “The citizens of Laval are unmistakably overtaxed, and with the services they receive, it would be largely possible to freeze taxes for the next four years.”

Wanted 4-year tax freeze

Action Laval maintains that during the last election campaign, it was the only party that made a commitment to freeze property taxes for four years.

Based on currently available information, they calculate there would have been enough leeway to carry it off. The party maintains that the new information suggests the mayor and the administration were intent on raising taxes with little or no concern for municipal expenses.