Action Laval announces major restructuring effort

Former city hall Opposition elected just one candidate in election

Former city hall Opposition elected just one candidate in election
Action Laval announces major restructuring effort

(TLN) During a press conference held at the Château Royal last Monday morning, Action Laval’s interim leader, Achille T. Cifelli, and Aglaia Revelakis, Councillor for Chomedey, took stock of the last election and the future of their party.

Action Laval was founded in 2013 on the eve of the elections the same year by Jean-Claude Gobé and some supporters in order to provide Laval with an administration meeting its aspirations. As Official Opposition, its members stood out with “their constructive and rigorous criticism of Mayor Marc Demers’ administration” and a defence of the interests of Laval citizens, Action Laval said in a statement.

Remains very present

“We have fewer resources than others, but we succeed through our determination and sense of service in being more visible,” said Revelakis. “Rare are the events where we are absent, whether they are official, or in the streets of Laval,” added the interim leader. “We are experienced, we are committed and above all, we are not alone. The vast majority of defeated candidates are giving time to their neighbourhoods and to help Aglaia in her City Councillor role.”

Cifelli was appointed interim leader following the retirement from political life of Action Laval’s founder, Jean-Claude Gobé. “Once I was appointed Interim Leader, I quickly sat down with those who wanted to continue, to plan the next steps. To make a plan and work together for our future,” said Cifelli.

A three-step plan

Action Laval says it is reorganizing based upon a three-step plan:

  1. Re-structuring Action Laval, with clear, precise, open guidelines, approved by a general assembly. This new structure will be made up of dynamic forces, with citizens at heart and working with them, for them. An executive committee, accountable to the assembly, will be formed.
  2. Elect a leader, during an open leadership race, which will require candidates to seek a broad minimum of support in all Laval districts. This leadership race will be the one to choose the new mayor of Laval.
  3. Convince voters, rally all those who wish to make Laval a more prosperous, safer and pleasant city to live in. Action Laval says it will rally the opposition “and all those who are dissatisfied” with Mayor Marc Demers’ team. Councillors from other parties are also welcome to join the team.

Revelakis welcomes steps

For the Councillor for Chomedey, elected for the first time in 2013, the restructuring of the party is welcome and necessary. “Even though I was elected in 2013, I’ve worked in politics for a very long time,” she said. “Being in a party means working together to make ideas come true and realize our aspirations. This new structure will allow us to move forward, now that we have learned of the results of the last election.”