70th birthday of Quebec flag

‘Our flag celebrates our past,’ says Mayor Marc Demers


On Jan. 21, Laval mayor Marc Demers, accompanied by Mille-Îles MNA and Liberal cabinet minister Francine Charbonneau, as well as Jean Desautels, president of the Société nationale du Québec, marked the 70th anniversary of Quebec’s fleur-de-lys flag.

Photographe Martin Alarie 

Celebrating the past

Guests at Laval city hall were invited to sign the municipality’s Golden Book and the flag of Quebec was hoisted while music played.

“Our flag celebrates our past, while commemorating our future,” said Mayor Demers. “At the same time, it invites us to be open towards all those who chose Quebec as their home. I am pleased to have participated in this historic ceremony.”

Pride in Quebec’s flag

“We can be proud of our flag, whose design and colors tell the story of our roots in French culture from which our people sprang,” said Desautels. “It is for this reason that we gathered today to remind us of the nationalism which unites us.”

“It was a pleasure to have been invited to this event, for which I salute the City of Laval,” said Charbonneau. “Today, all together, we are privileged to mark the 70 years of the flag of Quebec.”