$184,500 in Bursaries Awarded to 55 Student-athletes via the Quebec Foundation for Athletic Excellence Sponsorship Program

On the occasion of its Spring Cocktail celebration, the Quebec Foundation for Athletic Excellence (FAEQ), in association with 14 cherished partners, has awarded $184,500 in individual bursaries to 55 deserving student-athletes through its Sponsorship Program.

The following companies are participating in the sponsorship program, and have awarded their annual bursaries: Hason Steel, Aquam, Atrium Innovations, Bell Media, Blue Bridge, Cogeco Media, Corus Media, Fondation Bruny Surin, Fondation des Gouverneurs de Québec, Fondation Gilles Chatel, Grenier aux emplois, Imagineo, Math Sport, and Samson Groupe Conseil.

The cocktail event was held in the John Molson Room at the Molson Coors company, the latter being one of the FAEQ’s proud partners for more than 30 years. The FAEQ also celebrated the breathtaking performances of numerous bursary recipients, who have already qualified or are in the process of qualifying for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

 FAEQ President for over 15 years, Mr. Claude Chagnon enthused, “The Foundation seeks to highlight the importance, renown reputation, and impressive growth that the Sponsorship Program has experienced in recent years. The latter enables both small and large companies as well as some of the Foundation’s partners, to contribute financially to making a genuine difference in the lives of student-athletes in Quebec; some have even been able to develop long-term professional relationships with the student-athletes they sponsor. Now more than ever, these companies and partners are united with the Foundation for the academic, athletic, and professional achievements of Quebec’s student-athletes.