POLICE: Respect the safety corridor or it will result in high fines & demerit points.

The Police Department of the City of Montreal (SPVM) reminds motorists that the obligation to respect the safety corridor also applies in urban areas.

In effect since 2012, the security corridor aims to protect first responders or the police, paramedics, firefighters, highway controllers, operators of tow truck and road workers. Thus, a motorist must respect the security corridor when these emergency vehicle is stopped with its lights flashing lights.

How to respect the corridor?
When an emergency vehicle is stopped with its flashing lights on the edge of the road on which you drive, you must first slow down and move away the vehicle making sure you can do it safely.
Whenever possible, you should leave a clear path between your vehicle and the vehicle which is stationary.

As noted by the SPVM spokesperson, Inspector André Durocher, “It’s important that drivers are vigilant in protecting all people working along a public road to avoid accidents.”

Traffic ticket
Do not follow a corridor of safety or do not yield to an emergency vehicle can result in:
• a fine of $ 200 to $ 300
• 4 demerit points

The Sociétéde assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) and the Department of Transportation to remind all motorists that the security corridor Regulations apply on the entire road network in Quebec, either on motorways and national roads in urban or rural areas.

(SOURCE: Provincial Police)